Something to brag about...

AlaskaNet IRC has a very profound honor to say that it is the northernmost IRC network in the western hemisphere!

Providing excellent services

AlaskaNet IRC will provide users with the most robust chatting environment by openly working to meet the individual needs of everyone that uses our network. We pride ourselves with professionalism and compassion, to be unmatched by any other IRC network around.

Connect to AlaskaNet IRC

Network IRC Address:
Port 6667 for standard incoming connections
Port 6697 for SSL connections

AlaskaNet provides unprecidented levels of user experience as well as help for everyday things such as computers, electronics, and much more! With IRC still alive and thriving AlaskaNet is an excellent choice for you to communicate with friends in an environment that has a very low resource footprint, thus being a focal point for reliability and sustainability. Even though we are in the far north, our network will be here for you, no matter how cold it gets outside or how warm it becomes during the summer. So, make AlaskaNet your place to communicate!

Reliable Network and Infrastructure

The AlaskaNet IRC network is a group of linked servers providing abundant room for growth. All servers on AlaskaNet run on the Linux platform with UnrealIRCD 4.0 as our server daemon. Our servers are each on a dedicated internet connection with alternative means of power for the machines themselves as well as the internet modem, should there be a disruption in the local power grid. Our uptime so far has been fantastic and with other servers on the network it will ensure that you are able to use AlaskaNet with confidence for many years to come!